340 Popular Sentence Translation Language Pairs

Website "แปลประโยค.com" is a free online translation app that supports up to 340 pairs of translation services.

English Japanese English Lao English Korean Japanese English English Chinese (Simplified) Korean English Chinese (Simplified) English English Khmer Lao English Indonesian English English French English Hmong Chinese (Traditional) English English Malay Korean English English German Khmer English Vietnamese English Japanese English English Arabic Hmong English French English English Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) English English Japanese German English Malay English English Telugu English Italian English Korean Arabic English Lao English Telugu English English Spanish English Indonesian Italian English English Vietnamese English Chinese (Simplified) German English English Albanian English Lao Chinese (Traditional) English English Russian English Turkish Spanish English English German English Tamil English French English Spanish English Bulgarian English Hindi Portuguese English English Indonesian Albanian English French English English Filipino English Russian Vietnamese English English Portuguese English Chichewa English Urdu English Hebrew Turkish English Russian English English Filipino English Corsican Polish English English Vietnamese Hungarian English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) English Arabic Finnish English Vietnamese Lao Ukrainian English English Finnish English Greek English Chinese (Traditional) Khmer English English Nepali English Mongolian English Ukrainian English Italian English Latin Hindi English Filipino English Malay English Arabic Malay English Hungarian Nepali English English Romanian English Khmer English Sundanese Filipino English English Albanian Hebrew English Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) English Malay English Norwegian English Polish Spanish English Kazakh English Russian English English Croatian Mongolian English English Kazakh English Zulu English Slovenian Bulgarian English Corsican English English Portuguese English Bosnian Latin English Indonesian English English Malayalam Arabic English Norwegian English English Serbian Slovenian English English Czech Danish English English Hawaiian English Kannada Chichewa English Greek English Serbian English Malay Hindi English Kyrgyz Yoruba English Lao Korean Urdu English Irish English Zulu English Japanese Chinese (Simplified) English Danish Russian Lao English Irish Hawaiian English Chinese (Simplified) Korean English Icelandic Icelandic English English Armenian English Icelandic Persian English Malay Arabic English Galician Lao Vietnamese Greek English Kyrgyz English English Czech Korean Lao Malay Lao Chinese (Simplified) Indonesian Chinese (Simplified) Japanese Korean Chinese (Simplified) Korean Croatian Persian English Albanian English Danish English Korean Japanese Japanese Korean Corsican Spanish Croatian English English Persian Malayalam English Lithuanian English Icelandic English English Danish English Hindi Hindi English Czech English Lao Khmer Malay Chinese (Traditional) Japanese Mongolian Malayalam English Norwegian English Lao Chinese (Simplified) Malay Japanese English Chichewa English Malayalam English Telugu Italian English Turkish English English Malagasy English Samoan Japanese Lao Belarusian English Lao Japanese English Gujarati Lao Malay Turkish Lao English Maltese Khmer Lao English Javanese Lao Hmong Vietnamese Chinese (Simplified) Vietnamese Filipino Indonesian Japanese French Mongolian Filipino Japanese Corsican French Japanese Icelandic Lao Chinese (Traditional) Khmer Chinese (Simplified) Khmer Indonesian Croatian Korean Vietnamese Japanese English Persian Galician English Khmer Filipino Corsican English Filipino Spanish German Japanese English Galician Serbian Khmer Japanese Malay Bosnian English Latvian English English Polish English Lithuanian Malay Korean Malay Telugu Yoruba English Telugu Nepali Tamil Japanese Malagasy English German Zulu Romanian English English Maltese English Latin English Welsh Hindi Malay Czech English Tamil English Latvian English Lao German Lao Russian Arabic Tamil English Slovak English Uzbek Hmong English Slovak English English Javanese English Hmong Uzbek English Sundanese English English Samoan Tamil English Lao Czech