How to use Translate

If you want to translate online by แปลประโยค.com, you can type or copy the text, sentence or word and paste it in the text box. Then select the language pair you want to translate and press the 'Translate' button. The system will translate the language immediately.

Currently. There are many online translation tools to choose from. Both paid and free online translation in different platforms or applications that you can use as needed And if you want to translate languages online for free, then แปลประโยค.com is another good helper with which you can quickly translate sentences in no time. You can also customize or edit the translated text for printing as a document straight away.

Free online translation with แปลประโยค.com is very easy to use:

1. When you access the website แปลประโยค.com, it will A message box appears for typing as shown in the picture. You can type a sentence. or copy the text you want to translate Paste it in the text box Online translation methods

2. When typing a sentence or pasting text to be translated Then select the language pair you want to translate correctly. By clicking buttons number 2 and 4 Commands for free online translation

  • 2 is the source language
  • Number 4 is the language to translate
  • Number 3 is the language pair switch.

3. Then press the 'translate' button, the system will translate immediately. It takes only a fraction of a second to process.

Sample translation of sentences by แปลประโยค.com


1. Type a sentence or copy it. text to be translated Then select a language pair and press the 'Translate' button. Text'> This is a sentence translated by แปลประโยค.com. It's very easy and fast, but...did you notice the tool above? Let's customize the message a bit. Let's press to print.

Reformatted translated sentences This is a translated sentence that has been formatted, including increasing the font size, making it bold and italicized. Scroll back to the original text box and press the 'Type' button beside the 'Translate' button.

Print Settings Window Then a window for printing settings will appear as shown. You can go back and customize the message until you're satisfied. When finished, press the 'Print' button, and that's all.

Using แปลประโยค.com is called easy, convenient and very fast. You don't need to install the program. There is no need to pay for anything to hire a translator, just type the text and click 'Translate'. Easy to use at your fingertips.